The short story Once Upon a Time is based in South Africa during the raciest times of 1920. It displays how a small white family takes safety to a whole other level, because they constantly live in fear of their house being broken into and a family member being hurt by the black population. The story ends with them mother reading a fairy tale about a night in shinning armor to the son. Then the son, wanting to be a night climbs up the wall surrounding the house, gets caught in the barb wire at the top and falls off. This is why the tone of the story is irony, because having all of those safety pro cations ended up not protecting them, but harming one of their loved ones. Although the ending is very morbid the short story still resembles a fairy tale, because it has a wise old witch, the wire that killed the son is called Dragon's teeth and the son wanted to be a night in shinning armor. 
Is Steven Fry over reacting to the situation in Russia?

            Personally I don’t think he is over reacting to the anti-gay situation that is occurring in Russia. All the people in Russia that are gay cannot be who they are and have to pretend to be someone else, because if they announce their real feeling towards the same sex their lives could be in danger. Every person has the right to be free and make their own choices, and if Russia is not letting a percent of the population be who they are then they cannot say they are a free country. Also there is no reason to make being gay illegal; homosexuals do not harm anyone around them and are the exact same as everyone else. Being mad that someone is gay is completely immature. For example; there are two people standing in a food court line up and the second person is going to order a hotdog, but the first person orders a hamburger. Being offended that someone is gay is the same as the second person being offended that the first person made a different decision then him and ordered a hamburger. So to conclude my thoughts about whether Steven Fry is over reacting I say he is not, because the athletes going to the 2014 Olympics in Russia should be in a comfortable environment, not one that pressures them to lie about who they really are. 

Alex Debelle